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Originally Posted by Zelda master View Post
Even with it cancelled, I can't agree that she was wasted. She was by far the best of the characters and without a doubt the most well rounded one of the bunch. Even with her in the (current Doctor) role she would've flubbed, the Doctor is just written terribly in the past two series.
Oh she was amazing. I don't mean she was wasted in the role as she played it well but I just feel like she could have been a contender for a female doctor had she not been attached to the series so close to the casting.

I also would have loved to see Suranne Jones play the doctor. It feels like a face he would have chosen as the first female incarnation for a long time due to the personal story behind it.

Originally Posted by Rai View Post
Are you talking about the episode where Amy thinks she's turning to stone? I liked the overall idea of an image of an angel becomes an angel and Amy having to navigate the forest with her eyes closed. That was very intense, imo. However, I believe this was the one where angels were killing the soldiers by snapping their necks? Even though we didn't see it, that pretty much made them less scary and mysterious in a way. They just become another alien species out to kill. Although I liked Bob. Bob deserves all the recognition .
Yes. I liked the whole aspect of Amy having to keep her eyes shut and feel that added well to the lore and being a counterplay to 'dont blink' but it was the whole snapping necks thing that lost me. For an entity who 'kill' in such an easy way to have to resort to physical violence cheapened them for me a bit.
... in my opinion.
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