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Originally Posted by Forges2204 View Post
Thanks for the info. The other players do have a speaker icon and it turns white when they speak and I can hear a muffled sound but no clear speech. It might be because I always join a casual match. Maybe you need to play with "friends" to hear them clearly as a safety measure? Would using a gaming headset with a mic help?
They probably don't realise their microphone is on. This option is enabled by default and people just don't know it can be turned off. I haven't seen anyone who actively used this feature on PC, with the exception of one player who occasionally said "thanks" if you helped them. Not sure about consoles, I don't have much experience on other platforms.

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How do you find like minded people to "befriend" to play with? Can you be sure they are not psychos or mutters?
There's no way to tell for sure, but if you do come across a nutty person, you can delete/block them if you added them. If not, you might still find them in public lobbies, you cannot avoid them completely. (On PC they can even follow you in matches if your profile is public.) There's all sorts of creeps, but there are nice people as well, I'm sure you'll find them Community pages are good for that, you could search for TR Multiplayer groups where people help each other with achievements and such.

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I don't play that often and am not young but do enjoy but feel bad when my team loses because I am killed so many times without making one kill!
I don't even see them coming! Lol.
Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it eventually Level 60 players like to snipe from specific spots, if you go underground, leave mines on frequent spots and attack strong players from behind with a well aimed shot (shotguns are perfect for this) or an instant melee finisher, you're good to go. You'll have to be more tactical first, if circumstances allow. Also, you have more chance in other game modes with more teamwork such as Rescue. Delivering medikits gives you a lot of XP while your teammates take care of the enemy.
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