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Thanks everyone for the welcomes

Originally Posted by Baslakor View Post
Your introduction was a real walk down memory lane! Welcome!
Thanks! Typing everything out certainly felt like a memory trip, definitely good memories though

Originally Posted by Cat Woman View Post
Welcome. Glad u finally made it on the forum and hope u enjoy your time here. That was also a very nice and informative introduction.
Thank you! I've been familiar with the site for so long I felt I needed to provide a good explanation haha

Originally Posted by _KC_ View Post
Always nice to have a new (old?) classic TR fan join the party!


I hope you enjoy your stay.

What's your favourite TR game?
Thank you! And I would say, subjectively, that Legend is my favorite game. It might be more linear and shorter than other entries, but I just love its presentation, the music, Lara's characterization, and just how fun it feels to play. Plus it has my favorite rendition of the Croft Manor of any game. I'd also factor nostalgia into the mix since it was one of the earlier Tomb Raider games I've played!

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