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Originally Posted by Chamayoo View Post
Maybe they should take the series away from Square Enix Europe (hi Eidos) and give it to the core team.
I see a lot of confusion around the forums regarding the dev/publishers’ relationship with TR.

Developer studios Core Design and Crystal Dynamics were under the publisher Eidos Interactive. Then a British publisher company named SCi bought Eidos Interactive, owning the studios and the IPs. Then SCi openned a game studio called Eidos Montreal, which had no relation with Eidos Interactive apart from developing video games for them. Now there were 4 game studios under SCi/Eidos Interactive (IO Interactive, Core Design, Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal). Core Design got sold off and Square Enix began offering biddings to acquire SCi/Eidos. Eventually they acquired the company, renaming Eidos Interactive to Square Enix Europe. Everything is mostly the same, apart from re-naming and moving offices...

On a side note: I wonder how it would have been if Core Design’s selling was postponed until Square Enix’s acquisition? Would SE had helped them re-flourish?
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