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Very interesting that there is a TPFextractor back to DDS. Do you have a link?

The way I have taken textures from someone elses TPF is just run that texmod level and photoshoot the item in the game (for instance fishnet stockings) and make it into a BMP texture and cut and past it into the BMP in the level I want to use.

A bit longwinded but it works. I am not going to spend 5 days making fishnet stockings for Lara when someone else has already done that work

Making a TPF.
Anyway getting to a method of transfering a (plagiarism) BMP texture into a packaged TPF.

OK using texmod, put the level up you want to change, and click on the textures you want to change. Come out of texmod, and you have a lot of BMP textures and a texmod log.

You then use a paint program to modify each BMP, and just cut and past the plagiarism BMP in, and then when finished, package the level into a TPF. (Just make sure your texmod log ties up with the BMP textures name).

You then have plagiarism BMPs in your packaged TPF. Easy.

PS....I assume you can change DDS to BMP and back, if needed.

By the way (as you say) most people on here do not mind you using their work, as long as you ask them beforehand.
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