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Hi there, I have a few questions/requests regarding this tool.
1- Does anyone else have problem with working with more than 9 textures in a single level? I had this problem in Opera House, everytime I reached "dump10" the game would do this bug that happens when it seems that textures are not working properly (very randomly some of your new textures will appear and other won't and after something like 5 min of gameplay and/or reloading a level more than once crashes the game). I haven't tested this bug in other levels per se, as I'm currently focusing on modding 40 fathoms, which has only 11 tex so the ones I really need to mod are like 8. But when I did try to mod all first 4 levels at once (extracting ALL the textures from the levels) on one of my first tries with this, the same error happened. Random textures here and there and then BAM! crash.

2- How do I manage multiple mods? I've read the help.exe back and forth but I can't get it to work. I have been doing this:
1-dump and replace all textures
2-after that, compile all textures. Then take the dump_dds file and place it in the replacements folder. After that copy everything inside this folder and paste it in a new folder under the Mods one with no spaces in the name. Select the mod using "help".

After all that, nothing happens, or the textures that are supposed to be replaced turn white, if I remove the modded textures from the replacements folder.

Also, from what I read of the help exe it seems that the tool will read each dump individually, based on the name but not the level. So from what I understood is, if you have 2 seperate mods (in the Mods folder), for 2 different levels but both have files named the same* it will only load the texture in the subfolder with the last alphabetical letter, ignoring the previous texture. Is that it? Because if so, couldn't intead of naming the textures just "dumpX" the extractor name the textures after the level it originated from? e.g (the great wall and wreck of the maria doria).
That way, not only if per se someone were to mod loads of different levels together one would know exactly just what texture they are working with, without having to open various textures at the same time to know which is which.

*This would happen if someone was modding all levels one by one (which happens to be my case)

I am saying this because this is a god sent tool, and I am really loving updating the old textures with this, but it the only down side is that it needs some optimazing and bug elimination.

best regards
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