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Originally Posted by Joey79100 View Post
I had no idea of what how you've coded it, so I wondered if you would have been able to create constants (PARAM_) to add a curve to the movement. Indeed the sun has not been coded in a really realistic way, but with plugnis it would be possible to do it. But it's probably much more work, and you already did something really interesting.
Okay, I thought it again, and it is possible to do two/three directions at the same time, in one progressive action, for a 2D/3D line/curve:

For example:

Frame__Coord X__Coord Y__Increment X__Increment Y

But it should be heavily controlled. I mean, eg. "stop at coordinate (47500, 85140)"? - It is not easy to calculate and follow properly. 3D (47500, -52400, 85140) should be harder.
I suggest those one directions for tiny movements, like:

1. Move north to 25500.
2. Then move west to 12460.
3. Then move north to 28200.

Besides, if you use the sun for a "general reason", then those one-directed, "harsh" movements should be enough.

One more thing:
I need increasing increments for a curve:

Frame__Coord X__Coord Y__Increment X__Increment Y

But increasing increment means increasing speed (increment/frame) in this example.
So I need some better control for a nice curve.

As for a circle, it could be more harder, I probably need a nice algorhytm for the proper increment ratio.

- Two-/three-directed lines are not really useful, due to the hard control. Probably an AddEffect is better for a helicopter light. Or a LIGHT object, that copies the actual coordinates of the helicopter.
Or even these multidirected lines for the sun, if the helicopter moves in a well-described way, so you can add several tiny one-directed lines for the sun.
- The proper algorhytm for a well-controlled curves and circles must be a future thing. Or perhaps somebody with better skills will do it soon.

I did not even think about things like the lighthouse (Titak will be happy!).
If I made someone happy with my developments that definitely makes me happy!

Okay, I add another trigger, for 2D/3D linear movements, but you can stop it only immediately or timed, no chance to stop it with coordinates.
Perhaps it is useful if you move the helicopter directly through the top of the sky, not changing directions.
Or if you use an Organizer, so sun movements can follow the hardcoded (?) helicopter movement-changes.

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