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Originally Posted by Joey79100 View Post
Is it possible to move other coordinates too, to make it move up and down while it's moving in one direction?
Originally Posted by AkyV View Post
Okay, I add another trigger, for 2D/3D linear movements, but you can stop it only immediately or timed, no chance to stop it with coordinates.
Added, and works like a charm.
Now you can move the sun even in two or three (north/south, east/west, vertical) directions (linearly!) at the same time - but you can stop it only with timer or another trigger to abort, coordinates are not parameters for abortion.
Coordinate-based stop only for moves in one-direction.

If you say to start moving X direction while it is already moving in Y direction, then I say choose this method: move the sun in one direction with the first trigger till it should move in one direction, then stop it and use this other trigger right away to start moving it in both directions at the same time.

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