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I got trained when scripting.
Thank you!
But I need to admit what you can see there is not a little piece of my knowledge but almost all of my actual knowledge.

And I am sure if I step further, then further zillions of questions will show up I need to ask, or else I will be stuck again. However, I will not be available always here, just like you, my big hope is if time goes by, then the knowledge of the community will be big enough to help even each other any time. (Just like sapper and Krystian also helped.)

How horrible it could be in the first days when TRLE was released, and almost the manual was your only help. (And the same thing naturally with the first days of TRNG. I could imagine: "here is some guy, Paolone or who, who updated the Room Editor". "Is it something new about TREP?" "No, I don't think so".)

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