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Originally Posted by klona View Post
I have a weird question. Is it actually TR5 or just something better?

If it is more advanced than TR5, maybe it can be called TRX instead or something.
Expanded statics limit up to 1000 statics
Increased number of concurrent active items up to 32
Removed DirectInput and used Win32 apis
Ported some old decompiled enemies to TR5: shark, diver, tiger, cobra, spikey wall, tribes man, tiger, baracudda, t-rex, spinning disk blade
New renderer: I can already render and play levels. Already working: Lara with skinning, hairs with skinning, rooms with vertex colors, moveables and statics, flyby cameras, triggers, text rendering (with true type fonts!), horizon, bars
Bigger game buffer (128 MB instead of... 5 MB)
Some bugs of the original EXE already fixed
Originally Posted by MontyTRC View Post
I will not develop a compatibility layer. I will add many of the functions of TRNG, but in my way. I've big plans
In other words: it is TR5 and more, so much more.
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