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Originally Posted by Vaskito View Post
You could also enjoy her a lot more if you accepted that she's a new different version of Lara Croft, like there were in the past, and like there will be in the future.

"Certain Expectations" are down to each individual. I didn't have those expectations when I was told it would be a complete reboot. As a long fan of the Tomb Raider, I enjoyed and aproved the changes and new take, Which one of us is right in this instance?
It's not a question of being right or wrong, Vaskito. We're all here just sharing our personal experiences. I'm happy for you that you are able to enjoy the reboot character, but I'm not. I've tried, but she's simply too different from Classic Lara for me to enjoy her as any version of that character. If she was someone else, I would judge her differently, but she's still named Lara Croft.

And it's not like I'm not opposed to different versions of Lara. I love Top Cow Lara even though she has some differences to the games. And I thought Angie's movies were a decent adaptation of the character, even despite the father plot in the first movie. Overall, I thought they captured the essence of the character, which is something I personally feel CD hasn't been able to do.

And you're right, each individual will have different expectations, that's why we come here to share our points of view. And in my very own personal opinion, the reboot character simply sharing the same name as Lara Croft isn't enough to make her a version of that character. Sure, they have a few more things in common, but you yourself recognize that the two are very different characters, and for me, they are too different.

And I'm not saying I wish the Reboot character never to have existed, I'm just saying I wish she was called something other than Lara Croft.
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