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Default Shadow of the Tomb Raider: All Outfits

Hey y'all. So a lot of game guide sites have neglected to update their outfit sections since September 2018. Adding to that, a lot of the photos they used aren't the best. That's where I come in; I've categorized all 52 outfits with their effects and a general location of where you gain them.

To any websites that wish to use the images and data within the Imgur album: you have my full, express permission to do so. No credit necessary but it's appreciated.

Hope it helps

Edit 1 - Thanks to some wikis I've amended this a little more. Now includes the Animal Path vestige prices in Kuwaq Yaku and precisely what area each garb is obtained from.

Edit 2 - Now includes in-game descriptions, with some corrections I made where I saw fit.
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