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Shipping schedule, Latest News and The Original The Angel of Darkness Master Recording

Live Stream and Q&A. In case you missed our public reveal live stream you can watch it here:

During the stream Peter Connelly and Murti Schofield answered your questions and gave their insights into the project. We also revealed that the overall budget of the project is a whooping £150,000+. 1/3 of the project was generously funded by YOU whilst the rest was invested by Peter and the team. Peter said, “I only have one chance to do it and I want to do it right…at the end of the day, it’s just money”.


We promised that we will start shipping in December 2019. We’re happy to report that THIS IS HAPPENING! However, we have hit a couple of very tiny speed bumps…

1.The Dark Angel Symphony Sheet Music Book – unfortunately this is delayed till mid-January as our production partner required a couple of extra weeks to iron-out our last amends to quality.

2. Vinyl’s went into production today and should be produced in 6 weeks’ time. As such, they are delayed into January.

We promised to be transparent with you about these delays and tell you what we’re doing to make things right.


Peter decided to make further financial contribution and deliver these separately.

This means if your order is in our first batch of orders to be shipped then everything except those items (providing you bought them) will be shipped to you and the rest will be shipped separately when they’re available. Can I just say on behalf of the team and as a Tomb Raider fan, we are very lucky to work with you Peter <3


· 5% of orders to be sent out by 30th December 2019

· At least 45% of orders to be shipped on/by January 31st

· Everything else to be sent out by the end of February

We're shipping by order numbers.

Once your order is shipped you will receive an email. There are only two of us shipping and packing all these so please be patient


This will be available very soon. We are happy to confirm you will have the access to the following…

Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel Symphony - High Quality mp3
Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel Symphony - FLAC (lossless)
Tomb Raider 4-6 Remasters - High Quality mp3
Tomb Raider 4-6 Remasters - FLAC (lossless)

Please be on the lookout for an email from me with instructions how to redeem the album. The email will go out from so please add me to your contacts so it won’t go to your junk!!!

Streaming version (Spotify, iTunes etc).

Digital streaming release date is February 14th!!! Isn’t this someone’s birthday?


All winners are now contacted and those who provided their address should now receive confirmation that their prizes are sent out. If you received it do post an image and tag us on Instagram and Twitter

And, finally…

Win Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness ORIGINAL RAW DAT

We unearthed a SUPER RARE DAT which contains 90 minutes of the FULL and RAW Angel of Darkness Recording Sessions at Abbey Road (Studio 1) by the LSO in 2002 (19.07.2002 to be precise).

This ABSOLUTE ONE OFF contains the unedited sessions, takes, orchestra warming up, moving around, getting comfortable etc. Nothing else like this exists so, to a hardened Tomb Raider Collector, this isn't just GOLD, it's DIAMOND.

This is the "Master Tape" not '"Mastered files". It is a tape containing the raw recordings from Studio 1 at Abbey Road so no added reverb, no added anything, it's just as it was recorded "in the room" on the day so, in all honesty, this tape is the total daddy to be frank!!! Nothing else like it exists.

You can enter our raffle below. Tickets are £5 each and it’s on until all 500 tickets are sold.

10% OF ALL PROCEEDS ARE DONATED TO CHARITY (Cancer Research UK (Charity No. 1089464).


We premiered quite a few songs during our live stream and we published a couple as well:

The Dance of the Lux veritatis -

Beyond the Darkness (with Dean Kopri) -

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