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I don't know if it is allowed to react on an old post.
But I was looking at the collection of the British museum because of some pictures of Lara's home in TR1.

I found this.,_British_Museum#/media/File:Flickr_-_Nic's_events_-_British_Museum_with_Cory_and_Mary,_6_Sep_2007_-_331.jpg

Votive relief for the cure of a bad leg, inscription “Tyche [dedicated this] to Asclepios and Hygieia as a thanking gift”. Marble, ca. 100–200 AD. Found in 1828 in a sanctuary in Milos, Ægean Sea.

It has a PIO in it. But it is part of a word Asklepio (asclepius). Reminds me a little of Monty Python with the leg..
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