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Originally Posted by SebCroc View Post
I'm determined to get the slide-to-run animation (246) working without the use of TRNG scripts, even if I have to resort to unintuitive workarounds, but I'm stumped as to how StateIDs work. Is there a guide or something that details the kinks with the StateID system, for instance why StateID changes sometimes seemingly aren't enough to trigger an animation?

Surely it's possible to do. How did SSJ6Wolf create this crawlspace roll without TRNG scripts?
However complicated it gets, I'm up for it.

Same thing with the stand-to-crouch-abort animation (303). The state changes appear to already be there in stand-to-crouch (217), ready to go... so why is the game not able to register when I've let go of the crouch button (supposedly in the "stop" state (2)), while in the stand-to-crouch animation?

Very new to this, but I'm having fun messing around.

EDIT: OMG I got the slide-to-run working!! Now to make the transition smooth. I'm getting a better grasp on StateIDs as I tinker around.
I’m glad to see you’ve had success so far. If you haven’t seen this tutorial yet, give it a look. I put a lot of notes about StateIDs toward the end of it - see chapter 4. Making new maneuvers without an engine will feel like hitting a brick wall on occasion, but it can be a fun challenge as well.

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