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Default Undertaker attends EIEF. My full report.

Hey everyone!

I'm back from the Ian Livingstone talk on the Legend of Lara Croft. Unfortunately, nothing major was revealed concerning the TR:AE or TR8. However, I have a few bits of information some folks might find interesting. So here it goes.
  • Ian talked about the AOD travesty placing all the blame on Core Design. AOD was a result of Core perhaps 'lacking experience' with the PS2 hardware and having run out of passion for Tomb Raider. He said that taking TR away from Core was emotional, but needed for the franchises survival.
  • Despite being critically mauled, AOD sold over 2 million copies proving that the strength of the Lara brand can sell anything.
  • A third Tomb Raider movie is in negotiations. It is currently in the script stage but Angelina has not yet signed on to do it.
  • He called Legend a massive success and was singing it's praises throughout the show.
  • A member of the audience asked why Legend was so short. Ian replied that gamers these days prefer a short, sharp thrill ride as opposed to a long, drawn out experience.
  • The next game being released is TR:AE for PSP and PS2. This game will be released early 2007.
  • The next big game is titled 'TR8'. It is currently in development at Crystal Dynamics.
  • TR9 will most likely tie in with the 3rd movie. Whether he meant TR9 will be released at the same time as the 3rd movie and will follow the same plot, he didn't say.
That's it. Sorry that there is nothing spectacular to tell. Guess we will have to wait a bit longer for TR:AE media.

But we at least have a release date for 2007 and know that CD are working on TR8
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