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Default Bottom Right Corner Pitch-Black Blink: Where Is The Line

I accidentally reached the lower bottom (NE) corner of the map and the screen started to blink pitch-black. Many builders said this place is buggy, I always knew it - but I realized it's unknown how far EXACTLY one can go without causing the bug. One of those days of weird research, I entered that cursed sector and started to sniff around...

Ah... yes, it was during a BtB session so I got everything censored Anyway, after several hours spent on looking for pitch-black blinking, wherever I noticed any, I raised a floor triangle towards the bottom right (NE) corner of the map. If that wasn't enough to cut the square off the buggy zone, I replaced a triangle with a full wall. This way, I formed a line of squares You can safely reach without seeing the bug, and here are the exact coordinates (the picture is expandable):

For a rule determining these coordinates, You can examine the line shape from the above. It's not straight, but a bit curved:

so if we could extend the editor workspace, we would likely get a full circle, radius about 125 (127?) squares and center at x:0 y:0. The engine apparently refers to the map origin all the time, no matter where Lara is.

I first tested the line at the floor elevation of 0. When I then raised or lowered the test by 100 clicks, The Line moved few squares towards the map origin - so we can guess the buggy sector is a sphere rather than a flat circle, and we only can see its small fragment in the infamous map corner the editor workspace allows us to reach.

As in, the general tip is: if You really HAVE to build anything playable in that particular corner, stay as close to 0 elevation as possible - that will give You even two dozen more squares than You would get if reaching heights or depths in there. Of course any inaccessible zone can still be built as far into the right bottom corner as possible, because as long as Lara doesn't stand in there, she can enjoy the sight and the bugs won't appear.
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