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What you write here seems absolutely logical:

The Editor Window size is:
Width: 100 squares
Length: 100 squares

(In fact, the real sizes are 102/102, because, you can see in Editor Window: there is always a minimum 1 square sized gap between the room wall and any edge of the window.
If you run a Diagnostics in the game about Lara's horizontal coordinates - see: variables, memory zones -, then, when Lara's standing at the NW room corner - according to Room Editor facing -, which room is placed exactly at the origin, the values are about 1024/1024 unit. 1024 unit is 1 square, so the game will count that 1 square sized gap for the coordinates.)

So the diagonal between the origin and the opposite corner is (see Pythagorean theorem) is about 141 squares. You say about 127 square sized radius. 141-127=14. 14/141=10 %. And yes, on your illustration, the gap between the line and the corner is about 10% of the whole diagonal.

The TRLE world likes very much binary limitations, and that "127? square sized radius" is probably really 128, because 128 is binary, the power of 2. Yes, the center of the sphere is probably the origin (X/Y/Z=0/0/0) of the 3D map.
(Possibly it is 127, but it really must be a bit bigger, 128 - due to what I said about the real horizontal size above.)

And, we shouldn't forget that the useful height of 3D map is Floor:-127 clicks, Ceiling: 128 clicks, because there are 256 floor levels: base (0), 127 below, 128 above. And it is also the power of 2. The floor/ceiling will be deformed below/above that limit in Room Editor.
(The full height of V2dmap of TRNG Room Editor is bigger, btw: Floor: -256, Ceiling: 257.)

So the theoratical (Room Editor) 3D map must be, I suppose:
horizontally 100 (102) square sized in both direction,
vertically 256 clicks sized.

And the effective (game) 3D map must be:
A fragmented sphere, with its center placed at the origin of the 3D map.
The fragment is the common part of the sphere with 127 (128) square sized radius and the theoretical 3D map.

(Btw it is not always true, because eg. if you rotate a long but narrow room, whose long wall is parallel with the east edge of the Editor Window, close to that edge, then the room will be out of the 102102 sized window.
Possibly it is useful only if the room remains inside that sphere.)

Nice find, btw.
Here are two illustrations:

Note: my post is based on this nice find of DJ Full.

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