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I think that we can already see her change. In the first TR, she was full of fears, emotionally destroyed because she saw so many people she loves died.
And she saw something she barely understand that make her things like there has to be something more in the end.
Then, in rottr she thought that she's prepared, she thought that she know what she must done but somehow she realised that the extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are, so she found herself in battle between good and evil and between saving her dads reputation and saving a hundred of lives. I mean, we all know since the beginning that she will destroy the divine source, but the way she did it was that point in her life, when she understand that perhaps she was wrong all the time. I mean that she wanted to show the world that something like magic, real magic is real but then she found that it would destroyed more lives than saves so she did what's right and that changed her. She wasn't that scaried girl who survived Yamatai no longer. She became who she was meant to be and in Sottr, we can already see how much she changed.
She is ready to face whatever is against her, even her biggest fears and I think that that's the beauty of this trilogy. How much she changed since first game where she was emotionally down when she killed her first enemy and now when she is ready to face the world, no matter what.
Yup, I think Shadow of the Tomb Raider would be amazing.
P.S.: and I already forgot one change - do you remember when she talked to Roth that "come and get me" stuff ?
Since that she changed a lot, because in ROTTR she instead of asking Jonah to help her she try to protect him and she told him that she needs to do this alone. I think that's a really great change, don't you think?
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