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Default LuigiEspadachin Attempts to Play Angel of Darkness Revival - But With A Twist!

Hi there,

So eight years ago, I had a little review series known as LuigiEspadachin attempts to play Angel of Darkness.

But if you recall, I had to stop the series to exenuating circumstances and didn't return to it. But that's about to change.

I've recently started Twitch streaming. So I thought, why not bring the series back, but in Twitch stream form? Yes, it means we're starting over, but that's okay.

We're hoping to get things moving on Wednesday 13th February at 20:30 GMT. Don't worry if you can't attend, I'll link to the VODS once we're done and they'll make their way to YouTube as well.

I hope to see some of you there.

My Twitch Channel:

Past Streams:

Part 1 (Beginning to Le Serpent Rouge)

Part 2 (St Aicard's Graveyard to Louvre Storm Drains)

Part 3 (Louvre Storm Drains to Tomb of Ancients)

Part 4 (Louvre Storm Drains to The Hall of Seasons (After all elemental rooms have been cleared - Stream stopped before last section was completed)

Part 5 (The Hall of Seasons to The Monstrum Crime Scene)

Part 6 (The Monstrum Crime Scene to Bio-Research Facility)

Part 7 (Bio-Research Facility to The Vault of Trophies)

Part 8 (The Vault of Trophies until the end of the game)
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