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Originally Posted by Nigel Cassidy View Post
Redlettermedia did a long review on Titanic and I agree with their main points, which are:

- It's a special effects masterpiece.
- Great care and effort went into making the film, it wasn't just a slapped together cash grab.
- The script is tight and knows how to do setups and payoffs.
- While the looks of this film and the historical happenings are all very true to history, the characters, both fictional and historical, are comically one-dimensional stereotypes.
- In the end, it is a film that aims for the middle: a simple story for the mainstream audience, and in that regard it hit the mark perfectly.
Hm, yeah, can't entirely disagree with that. It's certainly a movie that's much more about showing the spectacle and glamour and most importantly the world it's set in than a movie about character drama. Come to think of it, that seems to be a trait shared with many movies in here to some extent or another.

Originally Posted by Enigma92 View Post
The Star Wars prequels.

Cheesy? Sure, but this is a film franchise inspired by Flash Gordon so I wasn't exactly expecting Schindler's List.

I adore the original 6 Star Wars films for that George Lucas world-building and imaginative magic which I find grossly lacking in these newer films, something just feels profoundly off about them.

I honestly would have loved to have seen Lucas's complete vision for VII, VIII and IX, I reckon that despite some awkward dialogue it would have been far more creative and respectful to the legacy characters.
Oh yes, this, so very much. The prequels weren't awesome. But they tried to actually expand the Star Wars universe; tell new stories within, show new types of locations, and reinvent what the whole franchise was about. The new stuff is all just either "the next generation is going through the same stuff over again" or "let's take some tiny detail from the original and tell the whole story of how it happened in excruciating detail". That gets old fast. It's why I stopped reading the Star Wars EU books and comics years ago, and now the movies are doing the exact same thing. It's also why I liked The Last Jedi (though apparently not enough to remember its name right now without looking it up...). It's flawed, structurally weird, but at least it tries to say something in addition to just being a rehash.

Originally Posted by DragonSlayer View Post
The first time I saw Avatar I didn't really like it, it looked great but the story sucked the second time I watched it I liked it more than I did the first time I saw it, the movie throws a lot at whoever is watching it all at once setting the scene for later events in the movie, informing the viewer all about Pandora and at the same time moving the plot along, it's one of those movies that you have to pay attention to like Inception just to keep up with what's going on.

After several repeat viewings I don't need to pay as much attention to Avatar as I did the first time, Inception on the other hand I have to pay attention every time because regardless of how many times I watch it, it's still very confusing.

The only way I can make sense of Inception is to compare the movie to a video game, the planning of the inception is like a loading screen planning the mission and the objectives of each team member and so on, the city is level 1, the hotel is level 2, the snow fortress as I call it is level 3 and I suppose limbo could be called level 4.
I always thought Inception was very straightforward, to be honest. They first spend a third of the movie laying out the rules, the various levels they're going to be in, and then they're following those rules exactly, with visuals always making it clear what level any given scene is in.

Originally Posted by Cat Woman View Post
The NARNIA movies
Harry Potter movies
James Bond 007 movies.

I liked all of them. What are your thoughts on these?
I watched one Narnia movie, thought it was okay, never felt an urge to check out the rest.

Harry Potter movies were good, but I still maintain that this should have been a TV show instead. The books are just way too dense. I honestly still think that the first Fantastic Beasts was the best Harry Potter movie, because it told a story that was actually movie-sized and took place over just three days. The HP movies all tried to squash an entire year full of stories down into two hours. So most characters, side plots and character development is either removed or just there as a cameo. Points for great visuals, though.

James Bond is an immature wish fulfilment fantasy. It's generally sexist, has horrible plots, no characters to speak of, no drama, and it's just stupid beyond imagination. It basically requires you to turn of most of your higher brain functions. And I absolutely love it.
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