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Originally Posted by SoraSakai View Post
A dark uninhabited jungle. The remains of a once great civilization, almost completely wiped out by Trinity. A once peaceful and loving people, forced to live deep underground in caves. Eventually becoming the Yaxil. When Lara takes the dagger at the beginning of the game she sets in motion a sequence of events that will lead towards a blood-moon-eclipse. An ancient magical event that will grant the Yaxil not only the power necessary to achieve vengeance against Trinity, but also wipe out the entire world and reclaim it as their own.

The only way to stop this is with the dagger and box, the combination of the two being the only thing strong enough to permanently wipe them out. Lara ultimately ends up having to help Trinity, as not doing so could potentially kill everyone on the planet, but part of her understands the Yaxil’s pain. This would also end up actually being a pay off to the hyped up “morally confused” Lara they kept yammering on about.
This is very good.
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