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Originally Posted by Tombraider95 View Post
I was really into it when it originally came out, but when they did the update with the level system I went off it. I was stuck in a level in the desert section and couldn't get to the snowy mountain levels because of the level system.
Tell me about it.
Without that system I was really enjoying the game...and then boom, everything turned backwards:
Gems didn't spawn, only if you were on a level where you have to collect them.

Voices gone missing:
When you encounter the T-rex and Lara gets on the ground, originally, that wall behind her, got crushed by the T-rex. Now, that sound is gone.
The quadbike had a normal speeding sound, when Lara jumped off, now its just looping.
Same goes for the motorbike. (if it's plays its sounds)
Snowmobile sometimes doesn't even have a sound.

The guns are pointing in the wrong direction...
Some enemies has lost their sounds...
The game's overall performance dropped a lot. In the beginning I had no issue with it. Later after the tibetian update crashed a lot.

the list could go on, the game just gone bad, when they released Tibet.
Overall, I liked the game -still like it- and ocassionally play it too, but only the desert levels and on free run mode.

(luckily LC Go is still there and I like to play it)
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