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Originally Posted by Joey79100 View Post
NONE of the classics runs at 60 fps on any platform. All at 30fps (or 25fps for TR1 PSX PAL version - don't know about Saturn)
However TR5 does use floating points instead of integers for 3D coordinates, so it results in a smoother feeling (points don't snap to the closest full number).

Here's a comparison video:

TR4 vs TR5: Integers vs Floating points

You can see how Lara moves smoothly in TR5, but in TR4 it's more jerky. You can even see her butt "going in and out" as she breathes.
This also applied to cameras and everything that has coordinates.
This isn't solely the case mate.
I HAVE enabled 60fps rendering in tr5 which mostly affects effects but does interpolate. Watch at 1080p60. I see a phenomenal difference in smoothness, especially in Laras movements. This is a direct recording straight from PCTomb5(J) at internal 60fps.

I think the assuming problem is that most seem to think the classics only have ONE flag for framerates. I've found 3 (thanks to TREP).
Its needed some trial and error but, I've made the same change in TR3 and TR4 - TR2 is proving a bit difficult

By the way - to actually test 60fps capability to its fullest you need a smart TV that runs at 60hz, or a very new gen mobile phone.

On the topic of the thread overall - I actually adore chronicles. I always have! For a quick filler game, I think they provided something truly wonderful. Who would suit a chapter retelling saga than Lara Croft

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