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When playing TR games on different consoles and PC, there are usually minor differences. But the game is the same no matter what. Well spotted on Chronicles by the OP

I do not mind minor differences like above, but the worst offender was TR Underworld, where huge differences and with bits missing in the game, depended on what console or PC you played on, it was like playing a different game.

I played the game on PS2 and then PC when I upgraded my computer to meet the specification, and the PS2 version had many locations cut short, and many baddies missing, to save on memory, but strangely the hammer rooms was different to play, with the PS2 having a lot more moves allowed by Lara as she crossed the hammers. The PC version in the hammer room was poorly done, with a lot less moves by Lara. So there was all these changes to the game.

The more expensive consoles like Xbox at the time had far more to the game, as mentioned on forums, likely due to more computing power, than PS2 and PC. (I never got around to Xbox, too expensive at the time)

A game should be the same no matter what platform you are using, but in TR Underworld, it was not.

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