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Originally Posted by Cochrane View Post
Short story: This is not important. I'm just making jokes.

Long story: I'm the author of GLLara, a tool that is like XNALara, but for Macs. I'm currently fixing a number of things there. When I saw you were having trouble, I decided to look at the models myself and see how GLLara worked with them. Turns out I had a few bugs in there that I didn't notice before.

In particular:
- I had some issues with the user interface not showing up correctly
- Some changes I made lately caused all OBJ files to be invisible when loading

And then there's the thing where some textures are weird in those models, but I had already fixed that a while back.

If you're using Windows then none of this is relevant to you. I just found it interesting that I could find and fix bugs in my code this way.

(Note for non-Mac developers reading this: The giant diff for the UI stuff just means that Apple changed an internal file format for UI layouts. I hope this means future diffs will get smaller, at least until Apple changes this format the next time…)
Glad I've helped someone . Please keep up with the work and best wishes for your project .
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