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Default Fan feedbacks VS Shadow of the TR

I think it could be interesting to see Shadow facing fan criticisms about Rise and TR'13, about all we know so far.
Here's a list of general criticisms I can remember of. Feel free to add a criticism I could forgot.

- Expand swimming mechanics

What they say :
Originally Posted by Chris Johnston
When you talk about swimming, it's something that's very nostalgic to the franchise. In Rise of the Tomb Raider, Lara is able to go underwater, but doesn't have full 360 degree exploration. So we're taking something that's classic to the franchise and putting it through a survival lens.
Conclusion : Seems to be really taken into consideration. Source

- Too much collectibles

What they say :
Originally Posted by Daniel Bisson
I can say that what we call the secondary system – the survival system – everything that she’s doing in Rise of the Tomb Raider, like crafting, finding resources….We’re exploding that way more. The RPG element is way stronger because we want you to create the type of Lara you want to create.
Conclusion : Don't really know for the moment. Are gathering resources to be more pronounced or just making them more meaningful ? Source

- Too monotone, lack of colours

What they say :
Originally Posted by Arne Oehme
We have many varied locations. One location you’ll see is Mexico, but there are many more that you will discover and as usual in our games, we use layers of history.
Conclusion : Wait and see but seems to be more diverse this time. Source + Screens

- Lara to not be morally grey

What they say :
Originally Posted by Jill Murray
In Shadow of the Tomb Raider we see Lara really fighting not to become the enemy she hates, and in many cases, we may see the enemy is herself. She’s going to make a lot of mistakes, deal with a lot of complicity. Depending on your perspective, a hero can also be a threat, and in this game Lara has to decide which path she’s going to choose.
Conclusion : Developers and scenarists insist on that. She seems to be more morally grey. Source

- Lara to be unprepared again and lost all of her gears.

About the demo : She gets prepared in the demo with all her weapons and abilities. It's worth noting it's most probably the tutorial of the game.

Conclusion : Seems to be true, if only she will not lost her gears again after the tsunami (spoiler).

- Twin pistols

What they say :
Originally Posted by Daniel Bisson
No. I don’t want that. It’s because the twin pistols have an iconic thing about them. For this trilogy – not saying anything about later on, I don’t know about the future titles – but for this trilogy, the bow is still her signature weapon.
Conclusion : Very unlikely. Though it could be a trick to hide a twist in the game. Source

- The animations

About the demo : They kept the same animations according to those who played the demo but with some new ones (stealth and rope platforming). However they seemed to be a bit more polished.

Conclusion : They are the same but a bit more polished.

- Traps

What they say : Sorry is someone has found an article about traps ? I didn't find anything.

Conclusion : Traps are more dangerous and hidden. Though in the demo slow motion is still there.

- Lara's puffy hair

About the demo : Seems to be the same for those who played the demo. Nevertheless (IIRC) Rai informed one the developers it was an issue for most of the fans.

Conclusion : So far it is not changed but who knows ?

I made a (random ) score about all this : 61% of success. Not bad I guess ?

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