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Originally Posted by Raider8 View Post
Definitely one of the best in the reboot trilogy. This is my most favorite and dearest one among modern TR games. Some of the things i'd like to mention appreciating:

- Insanely beautiful graphics that still stand out in 2020.
- The game is the most easily replayable with each and every section.
- Lara is the most detailed looking.
- The DLCs offer great replayability + really enjoyed the baba yaga chapter.
- Croft Manor with a good mystery solving story with it.
- Lara's outfits which were better than Shadow's set of outfits coz we all know why + classic skins all nicely done
- A reliable grapple that DOES attach to like 95% of the game's ledges
- Awesome Challenge Tombs + main game ones
- How beautiful and open the geothermal valley is as opposed to a congested city with so many people around.
- Discovering a whole ass city under the ice which seems like an actual discovery of a long lost city + Kitezh is so much fun to play around (as if I'm playing/traversing in Lara's gymnasium)
- the most balanced game in terns of combat and exploration.
- Aethetically most pleasing with a taste of different environments and diversity.
- Sound of Lara's footsteps as she's actually running on snow, ice, mud etc unlike the carpet she runs on in shadow.
- day night cycle.

And there could be many more which i can't recall. Rise was a masterpiece.
This game totally rocks. I love the Geothermal Valley too. I agree that it is a masterpiece.
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