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Got around to reading this. Excellently done and quite refreshing to read as I replayed the game myself just last week.

I really appreciate how you questioned a lot of factors in this game that I thought of but didn't really consider them as true detractors from the game as a whole. It's a great game for sure, but there are some...weird things about this one that aren't present in the previous two.

The anti-climactic nature of the ending is really interesting given it's probably the most "epic" of the Core era. 5 very different locations, a massive array of enemies, weapons, etc., all to have her fly away on a helicopter against enemies that could have been avoided had she just not killed the pilot? Furthermore, comparing this ending to TR2's which, imo, is the most clever and appropriate ending to a TR game ever, it's jarring. Would love to discuss this more with people

Once again, excellent review. Can't wait for more if you've got them planned!
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