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Originally Posted by LuigiEspadachin View Post
I mean, you can probably say the same thing about Bartoli in TR2. He probably wouldn't be able to do much even as a dragon. He looked too big to even get out of the temple let alone do any damage. I think they probably both just read it would grant them power without knowing what would that would actually entail. I see what you mean though about the motivation being rather thin.
Bartoli is the same way; however, I think the mythos of turning into a real dragon is a lot cooler than whatever Willard was trying to accomplish by throwing himself into the muck. Natla is really the only villain of the classic trilogy to have any sort of real plan, and even her goals are pretty paper-thin...

Thanks for the comments Luigi! I need to check out your review sometime...

Originally Posted by tomekkobialka View Post
Loved reading your review. Your vivid analyses and descriptions, coupled with screenshots of key moments in the level, make me want to play TR3 and relive the experience all over again.
tommekobialka! Good to see you again as well.

Whether or not this is good game design is another matter, though. It's certainly harsh on the player, and probably wouldn't find its way into a modern game the way it is now. However, I think it's clear that in TR3, having frustrated players rage-quitting the game was of little to no concern for the developers (in fact, it seems like they intended it sometimes ). I'm not going to go into the potential reasons for this, but ultimately I think in the end it was due to a degree of carelessness from both the developers and publishers.
I think it's probably carelessness too, and it's not necessarily a bad thing. There are times where TR3's ruthlessness is challenging in a great way. It's just interesting to me that they felt the need to get this unforgiving with trap placements; I feel as though TR1 and TR2 both did an excellent job of presenting unforgivable traps while giving enough foresight to either see them up ahead or have the time to dodge them. There are many cases where TR3 doesn't allow this luxury, and it's a cheat on the player who feels like they should have control.

(Btw, although I say I like the "difficulty" of TR3, that doesn't mean I'm OK with "gotcha moments" like boulders falling on my face out of nowhere - something that clearly breaks the rules of good design and, as you point out in your review, happens in a lot of places throughout the game!)
Fair enough - as a veteran player, I actually quite love the game's more challenging bits, but I do remember my first time and that definitely wasn't the case. Not awesome design at times, but still an awesome game.

Because if the helicopter were to crash on landing, it would damage the historic cathedral structure. Lara is very concerned about these sorts of things you know!
Lol, THAT must have been it

That jump definitely takes top prize from me in the "Best Running Jump in the TR Series" awards.
Damn, I think you're right! It is a pretty epic running jump, especially if you can grab the Uzis right at the end.

The view of the waterfall combined with the sound of the rushing water is one of those moments where, for a second, you truly forget that the environment is just made up of textured blocks covered by a skybox. It feels real.
Couldn't agree more. I would have loved a second Madubu Gorge level with more areas like this one... I think that "rushing water" sound is also present in Highland Fling, by the way, and it's so calming there too.

Again, really enjoyed reading this review and hope to see even more coming in the future! (And All Hallows too - you're reviewing that one, right? )
Much appreciated, thanks for stopping in.

Yes, yes, I will eventually muster up the reviewing ability again... although I have been working on a little bit of a different TR project that I will eventually be sharing. So eventually.

Originally Posted by HarleyCroft View Post
Just popping in to thank you again for including us on your journey, Sheepman

Alas, the nature of the playthrough thread means there is an inevitable ending.. but at the conclusion- 188 posts and over 13,000 views is proof your talent has a fanbase!

Here's hoping you'll continue to use this forum as a creative outlet and have more projects on the horizon This place is all the more exciting when there's a new write-up to look forward to
Thank you so much Harley for sticking with it! It takes time but I'm glad to get my thoughts out there, and happy that so many still enjoy reading them.

Originally Posted by laracroftswest View Post
I really appreciate how you questioned a lot of factors in this game that I thought of but didn't really consider them as true detractors from the game as a whole. It's a great game for sure, but there are some...weird things about this one that aren't present in the previous two.
There are definitely times where I get a little too analytical about themes that the designers probably hadn't even given a second thought about, but it's good that those bits shone through in the review. At its core, I love TR3 for what it is, and when I normally play games, I don't pick it apart like this... but hey, for one of my all-time favorite classics? I don't mind so much.

Once again, excellent review. Can't wait for more if you've got them planned!
Thanks laracroftswest!
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