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I wouldn't call that an ideal solution.

Most of the required files (including data files, for various fixes to textures and the Lara model etc), have been shared on this forum in the past. One can simply make a new folder, and begin adding the required files (albeit from different sources) to this folder. You'd need a few files from the original TR3 installation such as the audio folder (TLA uses the same cdaudio.wad), the fmv folder with just the logo.rpl inside, and updated .dll files winplay, winstr, winsdec, dec130 and edec from the multipatch/GoG/Steam installs. The images for the LA pix folder can be found here.

The multipatcher utility never provided a No-CD TRA executable like it did for TR3, but a No-CD TRA executable has been posted multiple times over the last few years here. In addition to that, there also exists Arsunt's patch, which is a great alternative.
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