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Wasn't Square supposed to get back in contact a year ago about this? Not even they or their legal team, nor any company on the face of the planet care about this game. The Tomb Raider websites should just upload it already and call it a day. The company that originally owned and distributed this is gone and this game has been out of print for years. I seriously doubt if they wanted to they would have the legal means to do anything. In some areas items being out of print and abandoned is enough to give free reign to people who want it.

Are we going to continue to pretend like paying for it is legal? Your just paying someone to give you the copy they got which to be honest the law never decided if that was legal or not. It was just the flow of things and companies never complained about it.

Is anyone losing any money? No the game is out of print and abandoned. The publisher now couldn't be bothered with Ghostware. I say upload it and on the off chance of 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000001% anyone complains then just take it down then. It' seriously no big deal.

I would do it myself, but I couldn't promote it here given the terms of service so yeah.
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