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Originally Posted by DaroRaider View Post
Sorry Danath, but I do not work with Tr2 plus I don't know about their moveables.
You said that a moveable object activates the earthquake?
In tr3 there is a null object called "Kill all triggers" and deactivate practically all objects that were activated.
I don't know what else to suggest. Also, happy birthday dude, If I'm not wrong it was on Friday or Saturday!
Yes, it's a nullmesh object, a moveable that is invisible.
I know about the kill all triggers object from the Dxtre manual, but i suppose that wouldn't work here.
What i will try now is triggering the earthquake with a timer, it isn't perfect but maybe when the timer goes out the item stops working.

And thank you.

Update: nope, not even the timer works. Ugh :\
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