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Default Raymond´s "features you could already have"-thread

In this thread I want to show some features, which are possible by effectively using the trng. I played around a lot with different things, but I´m not up to build a complete level yet. I may do so, but I don´t want to hold back the features any more. So everybody is invited to use these features, if you are able to do so. As it´s the same like releasing objects I expect to be credited then.
I don´t give tuts here. You have to know the trng-basics already by studying, the NG_Center reference, Paolones tutorial projects, tuts here and on Skribblerz etc.

posted Features:
reusable puzzle item: post 4, page 1
horizontally moving platform: post 16, page 2
turnswitch: post 26, page 3 and also post 32-48 on pages 4/5 (especially post 45), see also 86-96, page 9/10
intelligent hints in game: post 53, page 6
animation commands: post 59, page 6
enemy HP-counter (similar to TREP-patch): post 60, page 6
Lara on retracting parallel bar: post 67, page 7
Using several switches in a certain order: page 10, post 98
Avoiding Magical Boboon death: page 10,post 99
underwater puzzle/key/switch: post 101, page 11
multiple Pressure Plates, which move down a half a click, as Lara steps on them and moves up again to the original position, if Lara leaves them: post 108, page 11
Object interaction via an inventory item: post 110, page 11

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