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Default Catsuit Outfit

Hello everyone how are you ?

First of all let me just thank everyone that has checked out Tr1 and Tr2 xmas ediiton. We are not in december yet and those are already two of my most downladed mods so thank you! Tr3 Xmas comes out in a week so stay alert

Speaking of Tomb Raider 3, today is a very special day, for it marks the 20th anniversary of Tomb Raider 3 release! I know time flies right?

As such I wanted to make something for the infamous tr3, and so I bring to you the Catsuit Outfit from the london levels!

This works in all levels/ub and Manor with no visual glitches.

Have fun and don't forget to play at least 1 level of tr3 to celebrate :P

Download - Catsuit Outfit

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