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Default Play as Spider Lara

Warning: I think firedrop will not work anymore, I will upload my new mods into google drive, please use the core design website to download older mods

Hello everyone, how are you doing?

When I try to innovate in my mods, a lot of times the result is a bit weird, but when the result is weird, sometimes the mods become funnier.
I hope you can get a good laugh at this one, because it can be a bit messy

Introducing Spider Lara!

Featuring realistic (not really) webslinging never before seen in the world of Tomb Raider, control Spidey Lara in this quest for the scion!
Wrap Natla around your web and save the day once again!

The mod has a few visual glitches and the arms are a total mess but oh well-

It works in all tr/ub/gym levels.

Hope you all have been having a great time, see you around!

Download - SpiderLara

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