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Thumbs down Tomb Raider Legend UNappreciation

Tomb Raider Legend is a Tomb Raider which, in general, was a successful video game. However, there are also many people who don't like it. The change with respect to previous Tomb Raiders, introduced to the game, which I dislike the most, is the significant reduction of the difficulty level. This is why I decided to post this thread. I've checked if a similar thread has been already created, but I haven't found anything. So this is what I dislike in the game:
  • major flaw in the story: how was the sword broken into pieces that appeared in different places around the world if it was intact in Nepal when Lara was young?
  • extremely easy gameplay in which you don't even collect any items and use them afterwards to make progress
  • binoculars with the RAD mode which make puzzles immediately solved
  • quick time events in which you just thoughtlessly press buttons that appear on the screen
  • motorbike sequences which are too simple and boring (as far as I remember you don't even have to press the Up arrow to drive forward and you can never reach the target if you don't defeat the enemies )
  • dialogues with Zip and Alister which:
    • help you make progress in the game making it even easier
    • give you information about the places Lara visits so you don't have to use your imagination to understand them
    • cause the game to lack the atmosphere of isolation which classic Tomb Raiders have
  • rewards that are almost everywhere and there is no difficulty in finding them (except the golden ones)
  • only two very different types of regular enemies: similar people and similar animals

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