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TRNG Updater
(Released 28 February 2010)

TRNG Updater

- Added new tool: NG Doctor
In the the "Tool2" panel of NG_Center program, you can find the "NG Doctor" tool.
This tool performs a diagnostic analyse of your installation about TRNG tools and TRLE folder and also about last project you were building.
With NG Doctor you get a doctor response very useful to discover many well-known problems, or simply to have a description of your system to post on some forum to get help from other level builders.
I suggest to expert level builders, that very often help the beginners on forums, to require the doctor response from these users, so to have many techinical informations

- Fixed bug in flipeffect trigger "Lara. (Mesh) Swap meshes of Lara with <&>slot in (E)way"
There were 2 bugs in this trigger.
One bug, the last borned, created a chaos with any attempt to swap lara's meshes, while the other (oldest) bug created problems when new skin of lara had more or less number of vertices of default lara's skin.

- Added new tool: Remap Lara Skin
When you change the Lara_skin object you need to remap some critical vertices for hair hole in the Lara's head.
If you changed the meshes of HAIR slot you have to remap also its vertices and same speech but yet more complicated is when you wish use also a swap mesh of Lara in game, using a second lara_skin with meshes differents than the first (from beginning) lara_skin.
The new tool [Remap Lara Skin] that you find in [Tools2] panel of NG_Center program, is able to perform all above operations for you in automatic way.
In particular way this tool is able to:
1) Remap in automatic way the vertices of hair hole, for adult or young Lara (ponytail or braid)
Remark: in some circustances you should give some informations to the tool, anyway there are some other tools and references to help you, that you find clicking on [Tools for manual remapping] of [Remap Lara Skin] window.
2) Align the lara's meshes of LARA_SKIN object with the joint vertices of LARA_SKIN_JOINTS object.
This feature is fully automatic, just only you choose the tollerance for coupling.
3) Remap the vertices of HAIR object in automatic way. This is useful when you modify the mehses of HAIR object
4) Align and remap vertices of slots used for future swap mesh of lara.
This feature is very important when the new lara_Skin is not simply the first lara skin with different textures, but it is really different in its mehses. In this case in fact, if you don't remap with this tool the new lara_skin, after the swap mesh flipeffect the joints will have always big problems.

- Added in Script editor of NG_Center program the new hotkey F1
Typing F1 while you are editing a command, you can discover what is the first free ID number for that command.
For example while you are typing:

TriggerGroup= _

Where the "_" character shows the current editing position, just you type F1, to have the first free ID for current command, and so, in above example, it will be the first non-used ID for the TriggerGroup command in current [Level] section.
This feature works for all script commands that requires a univocal ID number in first field: GlobalTrigger, AddEffect, TriggerGroup, MultEnvCondition ect.

- Added new tool: Texturize DXF File
This tool is useful for who uses very often change objects with StrPix and MetaSequoia program.
If you instead creating a whole new object, you change only some object already present you have the boring situation to lose all previous texturing of the original object after the exporting from metasequoia.
The "Texturize DXF File" borns to avoid this problem: with this tool you can restore all textured faces of original object, i.e. those faces you had not changed in metasequoia.
In specific way you can:
* Add new mesh to old object, restoring all original texturing of old object in metasequoia dxf output.
* Move an object in 3d space and restoring the original texturing.
* Remove a little side of old object, preserving the texturize of untouched faces
* Export two textured objects from StrPix, paste togheter with MetaSequoia, and then restore the textures for all faces of the final object exported from MetaSequoia.

- Added new TriggerGroup flag: TGROUP_SINGLE_SHOT
When you add this flag to first number of first trigger of the TriggerGroup you create a single-shot TriggerGroup. This triggergroup will be performed only once in current level.
The single-shot trigger groups are very important to fix that limitation about the trigger zone where you place same trigger in two or more closed sectors in the map.
When you wish that all this trigger zone worked like a single-shot trigger you have a problem, because each trigger will work in one-shot way but individually and this means that lara could engages newly the same trigger when she will touches another sector in that trigger zone.
Currently the only way to avoid this problem is to export the trigger in script format and copy it in a TriggerGroup command. Then add to first number the TGROUP_SINGLE_SHOT flag, and at end replace in the level the original trigger with a "perform trigger group" flipeffect.
In this way the triggergroup will be performed only once, and when lara will pass over other trigger sectors of that same zone, noting will happen.

- Added new flipeffect: "TriggerGroup. Enable newly the one-shot <&>TriggerGroup already performed"
Since it's not possible perform newly a triggergroup in single-shot mode that had been already performed, when you wish perform however it newly the only way is to use this flipeffect to remove the "already-performed" status for the wished TriggerGroup.

- Replaced the "Chronicles-Objects" demo on The Next Generation website:
In previous version there was a wrong object in the wad: the HYDRA_MISSILE object was not correct and it was not visible in game.

- Fixed bug in Hydra object about the pulsing fire
In previous version the Hydra, before shooting, had in the mouth a pulsing fire. Since the mode of pulsing was weird it has been removed. Now the fire remains in linear way with no pulsing.

- Fixed bug about CUST_SET_TEXT_COLOR customize.
In previous version the means of TT_STATISTICS_VALUES and TT_STATISTICS_DESCRIPTIONS was inverted.

Remark: I remember it's necessary using the CUST_SET_TEXT_COLOR customize in [Title] level when you wish change color for main menu, new level screen, or settings panel.

- Fixed bug about activation of normal triggers with RollingBall.
When you placed an ocb = 64 in RollingBall this object will engages common triggers, i.e. those trigger that normally will be enabled only by Lara.
In this situation there was a bug in previous versions: the rollingaball set some status for Climb, Monkey, Death and Mine sectors like it was Lara, and lara inherited that status with weird collateral effects.

- Enhanced FADD_FIRE_STRIP in AddEffect script command.
In previous version the orienting of fire strip, enabled with the FADD_FIRE_STRIP flag, worked fine only when the object had a fixed and perfect facing in the directions: north, south, east or west.
Differently, now, the fire strip works for any facing of the object.

- Fixed bug about FFL_FLAT_LIGHT flag.
In the Customize=CUST_FLARE command, the FFL_FLAT_LIGHT flag didn't work fine and the light had yet a blinking intensity.

- Added new script command StandBy
The StandBy command allows to engage a special camera effect when the player don't touch game commands for a given time.
This feature is interesting to give to the player the chance to see lara in the eyes, finally.
Since there are always better new skins for Lara it is a pity that the face of Lara was always hidden.
You can download the "" demo project to see some suggestive standby mode you can use.

- Added new flipeffect trigger to enable alternative StandBy commands.
The new flipeffect: "Camera. Enable the <&>StandBy camera effect for (E)seconds", allows to enable a camera effect based on settings typed in some StandBy command.
The advantage of StandBy settings is that you can move camera around of lara, and up/down and changing the distance, too.

- Added new flipeffect to freeze all enemies.
The new flipeffect: "Enemy. Freeze all enemies for <&>seconds in (E)way", allows to freeze all enemies in same time in easy way.
This feature is already present in StandBy command when you use the FSB_FREEZE_ENEMIES flag.

- Fixed bug in Equipment command.
In previous version it was not possible set unlimited ammo with a command like:

Equipment= CROSSBOW_AMMO1_ITEM, -1

In game the result was to have 255 ammo.

- Fixed bug in Still (hard) collision feature.
In previous version when it had been enabled the still collision, lara continued to move arms/legs when she splat on some item while she was running with dash.
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