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Originally Posted by Peixoto View Post
How are you renaming those files? They must have the same name as the .rpl file they are supposed to replace, but with the .bik extension instead of .rpl

Yes, same name, I just changed the extension to (.bik) Files from FMV Folder
19/01/2018 11:45 29.865.550 ANCIENT.bik
29/10/1997 17:00 20.387.254 CRASH.RPL
30/10/1997 10:10 11.242.086 END.RPL
29/10/1997 16:36 21.942.472 JEEP.RPL
29/10/1997 16:40 4.452.622 LANDING.RPL
19/01/2018 11:55 184.045.751 LOGO.BIK
29/10/1997 11:31 4.765.135 MODERN.RPL
29/10/1997 10:48 10.552.178 MS.RPL

Only this for tests, or i need download all the files to work?
ANCIENT.bik is from Youtube (MP4)
LOGO.BIK is from Uncompressed Masters

None of them work, the game goes straight to the main menu.
Im using Help.EXE version and Tomb 2 GOG Version with updates. I do not know if it matters
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