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Originally Posted by thewolf View Post
Great to hear you are working on something big.
I wish you good luck I'm sure you will do great work as always.
Well, done your character customization.
Thank you!

Originally Posted by thewolf View Post
Sad to hear this will be your last TR2 . Maybe you'll continue when the Tomb Editor is fully developed

Unfortunately TR2 engine has not much possibilities to create new puzzles.....
Keys, switches, pushable boxes and timed runs is all you have. The original game consisted of find key, switch and push box
Well, the point of having one last project for TR2 is those limitations, both for movements and puzzle elements.
If i learn TRLE/NG i could do more varied things in the future, and also mimic the TR2/3 style. Unfortunately, a lot of things are involved for that and i'm hesitant at the moment, so i'm using Dxtre which i'm familiar with and build a final big homage to this great game.

It's true that there are very few elements, there's not even that much puzzles in old TR games. What can be done is using those limited options in interesting/engaging ways which is what i will try.
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