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Dear Backers,

A quick update here to let you know how we are progressing.

As you know we have our date for the recording at Abbey Road.
We have now chosen our choir to be the Metro Voices.

Still to decide on is our Recording Engineer. Hopefully we will have made a decision on that in the next few days.

We are steadily working through all your pledges and Add-On purchases. Still a bit of work to do, but we're definitely on the home straight now. If you haven't heard from me directly yet, please continue to be patient, we are getting there.

We have made lots of plans regarding the Composer Buffet Reception in London, and we have a confirmed date for 28th April 2018. Again this is later than originally intended, but with the delay getting into Abbey Road, we want to ensure the hard copies of the album are ready before we celebrate with the Composer Buffet Reception. We decided on late April, to miss the Christmas holidays and bad weather whilst avoiding the summer months when people tend to go away. We will be posting an update specifically about the Composer Buffet Reception soon with full details.

Preparations for the Composer Buffet Reception in San Francisco have also started.

Our new website will be ready very soon, so anybody wishing to purchase more merchandise, this will be possible directly through our site. We will be offering a subsection of the merchandise we made available during the campaign itself, plus some new items. So do check that out when we go live.

We will be holding the Prize Draw for the remaining 3 seats at Abbey Road in the next week or two. Full details will be on our website.

I will of course post an update informing you when our new website is up and running.

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