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Hey Ameliorator, I came here to update my version of Legend Upgraded but I'm left feeling a bit lost.

What are the versions you're offering? This is what I've gleaned from reading your posts.

OldGen+ - The main mod. Contains Steve of Warr and ATombRaiderFan's texture fixes, as well as many of your own. Also replaces several low-quality assets with their next-gen equivalents. Choose between "Nishimura with sunglasses (broken reflections)" or "Nishimura with glasses (removed sunglasses' lenses)"

Legend Upgraded - ??? Has enhanced loading screens and skyboxes, maybe other things? Can choose between "Loading Screens Upgraded", "Skyboxes Upgraded (all next-gen skyboxes into Old Gen)", "Skyboxes Upgraded (same as before but without Bolivia)", "Legend Upgraded" is load screens and skyboxes together??

Additional Outfits - Exclusive PSP outfits ported to PC, some dummied outfits too
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