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Originally Posted by LateRaider View Post
Hey Ameliorator, I came here to update my version of Legend Upgraded but I'm left feeling a bit lost.

What are the versions you're offering? This is what I've gleaned from reading your posts.

OldGen+ - The main mod. Contains Steve of Warr and ATombRaiderFan's texture fixes, as well as many of your own. Also replaces several low-quality assets with their next-gen equivalents. Choose between "Nishimura with sunglasses (broken reflections)" or "Nishimura with glasses (removed sunglasses' lenses)"

Legend Upgraded - ??? Has enhanced loading screens and skyboxes, maybe other things? Can choose between "Loading Screens Upgraded", "Skyboxes Upgraded (all next-gen skyboxes into Old Gen)", "Skyboxes Upgraded (same as before but without Bolivia)", "Legend Upgraded" is load screens and skyboxes together??

Additional Outfits - Exclusive PSP outfits ported to PC, some dummied outfits too
Hey LateRaider

I apologise if itís unclear what Legend Upgraded is exactly. The way it is set up currently, Legend Upgraded on its own is higher res textures. I made this a separate mod because not everybody will be interested in HD textures and might only want the essential fixes, which are in the OldGen+ mod. The Skyboxes and Loading Screens Upgraded are separate because again, I wanted to offer people the choice of what they would like in their game.

Over the past few weeks though Iíve been making major changes to my mods, making everything clearer and more unified but Iíve been extremely busy with my college studies so I havenít had a lot of time to work on this. I may have to put a hold on Legend Upgraded and just focus on finding more fixes for OldGen+ for the time being. I do have updates for the loading screens which I can share soon though but, for the foreseeable future, Iíll probably just be working on OldGen+. I hope all of this makes sense
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