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Originally Posted by ANoDE View Post
I'm once again amazed by how much you can trick this game
Great work!
Thank you a lot it's the result of years and years of research by the community, you can check out old speedruns and you'll be amazed

Originally Posted by UroshUchiha View Post
Awesome video as usual!
What's the effect of randomly drawing out the guns and instantly sheathing them back when there are no enemies around?
thank you

Pulling weapons is either to get rid of annoying camera angles, or more importantly, fast turning. without the pistols out, Lara's turning speed adds 45 each frame until it caps at 1092. (takes about a second, like 24-25 frames iirc)- but when her pistols are out (must be fully equipped) her turning speed gets to 1092 in 3 frames. this is a "combat turn" feature that was added in the game to aid the player in battles (to turn quicker), but it saves a lot of time when I need to turn on the spot.
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