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Default General Tomb Raider Underworld discussion

I opened this, because between the 550 pages I was unable to find a thread like this. Even with a google search...or maybe I'm a noob.

Originally Posted by Chamayoo View Post
It's not really or only about acrobatics but the various ways of traversals. It's not that superficial, that's even one of things that makes TRU one of my favourite of the franchise. Puzzles for me are alright and I agree too simple but it's the same case for all Crystal games except TRA imo.

However I never thought we can talk about storytelling. Yes I agree it's really empty in that department. It didn't even introduce any truly new characters.

Oh you're alright it's off topic.
Well the traversal was good, yet the controls of the her bike was bad. Yet I liked it...something I got used to.

In regards of new characters, I wasn't needing one, but a more complex one would have been great. I talk about Amanda...she felt really childish and forced. She has her moments, but overall she's just forced. I think.


I'm more focused on the mythology than the main goal of the game.
In Niflheim, we got a Thor statue.
That was a good start, but not connected to Legend.
In Thailand we got a message from Thor to one his son.
Nothing explained, just a destroyed map -by Lara's father. You go home, a letter from him, with a photograph of the map.
Just before descending for Thor's belt, she records Thor's battle with Ragnarok/Jormungandr and she talks about the relevant part of the myth.

Now, Thor's hammer mythology is well known, but not by the point of Lara Croft, who might know something this, the story of the hammer feels broken.

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