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Good initiative !

The funny thing is I agree with all you said here. Thor, Mjollnir and the Norse Mythology was a good and a legitimate background for a Tomb Raider story and you sum up well why TRU's plot don't work despite this. Connected all of this with Legend plot which was about King Arthur and some from TRA... surely a difficult or even a suicidal challenge for the writers.

We talked about "adding mechanics" a bit earlier, indeed they have been a lot of cut contents but I thought they did mostly the job.
When they said Lara could do many things, I kinda agree. The underwater system for example : she can swim but also fight (as TR2 and TR3), carry some objects and solve puzzles. Take a mechanic here and let's see if it works with this other mechanic there. Lara should be able to shoot when she's climbing (combat + platforming), ect. It's all this little things that add a lot to the gameplay and help me to enjoy this game. I felt that and I'm a bit sorry for some of us who don't.
That's partly because it was clever but not really well executed. That's what I think about TRU in global nature : the game has so much good ideas and potential but many unfortunate events almost spoiled all of it. That's why I was sad when they announced they rebooted the franchise the following years. I wanted a new game in TRU style but... very good this time !

Indeed Shadow seems to have a similar philosophy... and I'm very glad about it. All I want is to encourage it and wish a better success.
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