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Originally Posted by Grimaldi View Post
Bare in mind Legend wasn’t about the King Arthur myth. Excalibur, Avalon, were names applied to things that predated them. It was really about the group or civilisation that built the ancient technology of diases and keys (swords).

Underworld’s sharp turn wasn’t so much the Norse element imo, because even that was predated by whoever built Jormungander and the diases, as it was their take on “Avalon” being an underworld of some kind. It’s referenced as a paradise even in the queen of Tiwanaku myth, so it’s a weird shift. It’s like they changed the story to fit their darker tone rather than continue it naturally.
Legend was about different leaders raised by some people (Merlin in the King Arthur's myth for exemple) to shape the course of human history and there are many swords and portals.

From what I understood , Underworld was trying to tell how all ancient civilazations (from Mexico to Thailand) interpret their own "hell" when it's basically one single place called Avalon.

Don't you think Avalon was the creation of the Norse? I don't think it is hinted in the game, but remember that one way to open the gates to the Uderworld (except from pulling out the sword in the portal) is Odin's ritual and Thor's hammer.

They tried to do something different but ended up being very complicated with some plot holes here and there.

Ideally, I’d have the writer of Legend return to deliver a true sequel and save the ideas in Underworld for its own game.
Sure, and I have a lot of questions to ask him.

A bit off-topic, I was wondering about something: Lara tells Alister to go to the British Museum at the end of Legend, and while Professor Eddington is at least referenced in the next game, that part isn’t. Why was he going there? To tell them about Excalibur? I’m sorry if it’s obvious, it just suggests some continuity in the next game we didn’t see.
Maybe Eddington tells Alister about the research he did with Richard and gave him the coordinates for the Nefilheim in the Meditereanean?

What bothered me is how Zip and Alister still questioned Lara after what they had seen from Legend. They knew Excalibur was not a myth and how it could manipulate time , but they were still like "Lara don't you think you are a little nuts?".
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