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Originally Posted by Zsott View Post
You see? We are at things, what were promised, yet we got nothing.
Example: I remember, they said if you are using the pistols underwater too much, they are going to jam. If they're jammed, then you have to wait to dry.
I was really excited about this.
Or the weather system. They said, it is not going to be scripted, and Lara will react with it.
Now, the weather is scripted and no matter what, Lara gets dirty, even by
only running and her idle animations are always the same. (No covering her head, or looking mildly annoyed by the rain)
We ain't go nothing, we still have a fair amount of new things despite all the cut. Comparing with Legend I clearly see an evolution of the gameplay, ignoring the bad aspects of the game.
I didn't know about the pistols going to jam underwater ! Never read that, that would be cool ! Maybe it could be a fantasm from a journalist ?
About the weather I admit I don't really care as I like the levels to have its own dinstactive flavour but I remember it was supposed to be in game.
Though almost all TR games have many beta cuts, especially since AOD.

Originally Posted by Zsott View Post
For rebooting the series, I was supporting the idea, but I didn't expected to be that big of a change...
Like I could see, they had no idea where to go after Underworld. Also the game performed bad, at least for Eidos.
Yeah Underworld was stuck because by the end of 2008 Eidos desesperaly need money. They hoped an unfinished sequel will perform better than Legend...
Though in general 3 millions is alright and almost like Legend. The fans were more or less here.
A shame they probably didn't have many ideas for LAU after TRU. I have an awfully lot but well. ^^
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