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Originally Posted by JAMJOOM View Post
Does the game really need improved graphics
I do not know
It looks very good so far
I made this little demo
for fun
Oh really
I need some opinions on this
A side by side direct comparison would help.


ok so I'm still playing this game for some reason , and now I finally understand why it plays so bad
It's easy to say it's a buggy game, but I think it has more to do with a series of bad decisions.

First of all, camera and gameplay flow.
Because CD has this obsession with the autocamera (maybe due to the fact that Legend and Anniversary were designed for the PSP, which didn't have the right thumbstick so the camera had to move by itself), as long as you go exactly where you're supposed to go and never rotate the camera in the process, the game plays fine... but the second you go anywhere else, everything goes to **** because the camera doesn't know what to point at.
They could have solved this by increasing the field of view and use the fixed camera mode in way more areas and avoid the (more than welcome I'm not gonna lie dat_ass.gif but ) not really functional thing of having Lara sit on your face whenever she sprints.

The second thing that broke the game imo was the way they implemented the multi-180 walljump. On paper, it's a nice mechanic as it allowed level designers to better conceil the point of exit. Let's say you're looking around for a ledge to grab but you can't find it but then "OH WAIT two walls right in front of each other! I could use those to go up!" . I thought it was neat.
The problem however is that this mechanic should have been strictly context sensitive, meaning the move should never trigger if not on those few specific walls you're actually supposed to use as vertical platforms. In this game for some reason they did the exact opposite: even though there's never a reason to do a 180-walljump outside of the "2 walls" scenario, they still chose to prioritize that move over the normal jump or the simple act of vaulting over an obstacle. The result is that if you press jump in front of anything, unless you're in the perfect ideal spot for the intended action you're supposed to perform, the game doesn't know what do to and Lara either just stands there or initiates a 180-walljump. And again, this is yet another case of a problem that doesn't really show up unless you play exactly , pixel perfect as intended.

They made this game considering only what the player needed to do in order to win, while completely ignoring how the game would play like during the entire process of getting there.

It's like they never had someone outside the studio play this game. That's what playtesting is for.

What were they thinking?
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