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Originally Posted by killchan View Post
A side by side direct comparison would help.


The result is that if you press jump in front of anything, unless you're in the perfect ideal spot for the intended action you're supposed to perform, the game doesn't know what do to and Lara either just stands there or initiates a 180-walljump. And again, this is yet another case of a problem that doesn't really show up unless you play exactly , pixel perfect as intended.

They made this game considering only what the player needed to do in order to win, while completely ignoring how the game would play like during the entire process of getting there.


It's like they never had someone outside the studio play this game. That's what playtesting is for.

What were they thinking?
Perhaps the game was incomplete
Look at the ps2 version
It is really disastrous
Lara has no features compared to Remastered
They wanted to distribute the game faster
To get sales......................................

As it happened with the angel of darkness
The target was sales
And everyone noticed the deficiency
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